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Installing Turfs


Commercial & Residential


Since 1980, Carson's Nurseries has been providing the best quality landscaping plants and materials. We've also had some of the best landscaping designers the area has seen. We pride ourselves are creating unique designs that cater to your exact wants and needs. From the planning process to the final clean-up after installation, we will be with you every step of the way! Award winning designers plus quality materials plus professional crew members equals one outstanding, one-of-a-kind landscaping experience!

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Let's meet the designers:


Henry McCormick has been with Carson's Nurseries since our opening in 1982! In that time, he has worked on some incredible commercial landscapes including several gorgeous renovations with COX. While commercial landscaping is one of his favorites to design, he also enjoys residential renovations. His favorite part of every job is getting to use the heavy equipment! In his spare time, Henry enjoys golfing and sitting on the beach. Henry says his biggest career accomplishment is having been loyal to this great company for over 40 years.


Est. 1980



Est. 2009

While Steve has been in the landscaping industry for over 52 years, Carson’s Nurseries has been lucky to have him for the last 15 of his career! Steve got his first taste of landscape design shortly after he graduated and went to work, ironically, at his professor’s nursery. He loved the ability to be creative and that’s stuck with him since day one. He loves getting to design for new residential construction sites and his secret to the last 52 years of his success:

“Make sure you’re doing it because you love it; not for money.”

If Steve hadn’t chosen design, he would’ve loved to have been a professor and taught agriculture.

When he isn’t busy drawing up one-of-a-kind, award-winning designs, you can find him relaxing with a club in his hand on the green or starting a new woodworking project.


Est. 2019


Chris Burns has been with Carson’s Nurseries since 2019! He went to University to study landscape architecture and decided to leave the field for a little bit. We are so glad he decided to return 20 years later and come work for us.

Chris loves to work on residential projects and says part of his success is due to having great mentors, like Henry and Steve. For anyone wanting to pursue their passion, he suggests finding great mentors to learn under just as he has here at Carson’s.

If Chris isn’t hard at work orchestrating all of the landscaping projects amongst the group, he’s usually out with his adored wife and children exploring nature on hikes, camping adventures or fishing trips.


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