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Carson's Inspection Program is a new program we've implemented to help fill the gap between your yard looking just alright to looking amazing! Sometimes despite our best efforts, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. With the CIP Program, Carson's Inspectors will do several visits throughout the year. They will do a thorough evaluation of your yard and all its landscaping materials and plantings, whether you purchased them from us or not! They'll evaluate current conditions, any issues or potential hazards to your plants and yard and make suggestions for alterations as well as additions!  While planting materials you purchase through Carson's Nurseries has a warranty of 30 days, with the CIP program, the warranty is extended to 1 year! We have 2 types of inspection programs available for you and your landscaping! 

2 visits per year

30 day warranty extended

to 365 days!

Basic Program $149 Annually

Plus Program $299 Annually

4 visits per year

30 day warranty extended

to 365 days!

Proper Planting

Pest Issues

Plant Health



Mulching Needs

Areas needing cleanup



Plant Dividing


Tree & Plant Drainageg

Shaping of Trees & Plants

Removal of Plants

Yard Drainage

Other Potential Issues

What we look at:

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